Understanding the Basics of Branding, Marketing, Advertising, Promotion and Sales


Over the past decades, Digital Marketing completely changed the way products and services are marketed with its perfect reach to targeted customers. Native marketing needs a large investment, time and resources while Digital Marketing needs a few skilled manpower to reach targeted customers. Digital devices that are used by everyone these days are considered as a primary means to target the appropriate audience. To understand the digital marketing better, one should have a clear understanding of these basic terms: Marketing, Branding, Advertisement, Promotion, and Sales.


Definition of Marketing:

Marketing can be described as the continuous process of communicating regarding the product or the service’s value to the targeted market in an organised way.

In basic terms, Marketing is the process of creating awareness for any product or services while communicating its value to the individuals who can actually use it. Traditional Marketing is managed by TV commercials, media announcements, print campaigns, Hoardings and so on, while Digital Marketing is considered as the new age of marketing associated with digital devices and the Internet. The primary sources for Digital Marketing are Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Viral Marketing, email marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Influencer Marketing and so on.


Definition of Advertisement

An advertisement is referred as a notice or an announcement in a public medium promoting a product or a service. It is the activity of publishing advertisements that attract customers attention towards the product or service and encourage the customers to purchase it.

If a business is using Internet technologies to deliver promotional advertisements to customers, then we call it Digital advertising.

Social Media Ads (Facebook marketing), Pay Per Click (PPC)/Google Ad Words, email campaigns and Video Ads are the few most usually used Digital Advertising methods.


Definition of Branding:

A Branding is the process of establishing an image for the company’s name, term or brand symbol in the customer’s eye.

Branding is the subset of marketing. In other terms, branding can be defined as the marketing process that creates an identity for a name, phrase or symbol that differentiates our product or service from other products and services.

A branding activity is mainly done to help customers so that they remember the company name and its products. Moreover, trying to establish trust and relation between the company and the customers differentiating you from your competitors.

A proper branding exercise can increase the brand value and thus be making it easier to get new customers.


Definition of Promotion:

Promotions and Advertising are thought as the same, but they aren’t really the same. There is a difference between the promotion and Advertisement.

Advertising is basically a type of promotion. Basically, promotion is a process of making a product or service known as well as reach to the customer.

Types of Promotions:

  • Business cards
  • Advertisements
  • Brochures/Flyers
  • Well-designed website
  • Hosting promotional events

The main objective for promotions in most cases is the short-term push in sales.


Definition of Sales:

The sale is the core objective or the top purpose for all the terms we discussed above. (Marketing, Branding, Advertising & Promotions).

Sales can be described as the activity of exchanging product or service for money.

All the marketing strategies such as promotional activities, Branding strategies are used for generating sales. Sales are more or less the final step in the business cycle. Sales are the factor that evaluates how well your strategy and plans are working in an attempt to make the prospect to purchase the product.

All the above terms are linked to each other and are critical factors for the success of any company.  No any company can fail in sales if it can develop a good quality of product or service with a clear understanding of the target audience for the product and market the product or service right to the target audience.

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