Search engine optimisation in Digital Marketing


SEO (Search engine optimisation) is the method of making a web page easy to find, easy to crawl, and easy to categorise. It is all regarding helping your customers to find out your business from among the thousand other companies. Search engine optimisation plays an indispensable role in any digital marketing strategy. It is primarily concerned with a holistic move towards pushing customers to your business through online platforms.

How does SEO work?

A search engine is not humans but the software that crawls the web page content. So, not like humans, search engines are text-driven. They complete many activities that bring search results – crawling, scanning and storing (or indexing), courses of action, measuring consistency, and recovering. The perfection with an excellence count is that you’re calculating components of design, rather than actions of an individual. For example, some of the essential elements of Search engine optimisation that are known to build up a quality score are as follows:

  • Website names
  • URLs of web pages
  • Page content
  • Meta tags
  • Page design
  • Characteristics of Link
  • Usability and accessibility

Let’s see how this SEO whole cycle works:

  • Crawling: Every search engine has the software, named as Crawler or Spider (in case of Google it is Googlebot), this software crawls the web page content. Generally, it is not possible for a crawler to see every day if any new page appeared or an existing page is updated. Some crawlers may not visit a webpage for a month or two. In this connection, it should be vital to remember what all a search engine can crawl: it cannot crawl image, JavaScript, Flash Movies, Frames, Password protected page, and directories. Therefore, if you have a majority of these in your website, it would be good to run a keyword simulator test to see if these are viewable by the spider. Those that are not visible are not the spidered and not processed or not indexed. On the other hand, they will be missing for search engines.
  • Indexing: After the post-crawling content the Spider or crawler stores the indexed page in a large database from where those can be retrieved upon by entering a related keyword or search string. For human beings, this will not be possible, but for the search engine, this is every day’s work. Sometimes, the search engines cannot understand the page content. And for that, you need to optimise the page correctly.
  • Search work: With every search request, the search engine processes, i.e., it distinguishes the key phrases searched with the pages indexed and stored in its record. More than millions of pages have the same search slogans. Hence, the search engine is an act of measuring the relevancy of all the web pages and matches with what it indexed as per the keywords included in the SERP.
  • Algorithms: A search algorithm is a diagnostic signifies that takes a puzzle (when there is a search for something with a particular keyword), sorts through a record that includes cataloged keywords and the URLs that have relevancy with those keywords, estimates some expected answers, and then reverts on pages that have the phrase or word that was looked for, either in the body content of web page or in a URL that directs to the page. Three search algorithms are there – On-site, Off-site, and Whole-site algorithms.
  • Each type of algorithm looks at different aspects of the web-page, such as Meta tags, title tags, keyword density, links, etc., yet they all are part of a much larger algorithm. That is the reason why the same search string generates mixed results in different search engines having different algorithms. And all these search engines (primary, secondary, and targeted) periodically do keep on modifying their algorithms, so you must know how to accommodate to these changes if you want to stay on the top of search engine page. For this, you require sound Search engine optimisation (SEO) expertise.
  • Retrieving: The end– the result will be visible in the search results.

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