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    Understanding the 5D’s of Digital Marketing and technology!

    LIVING IN A DIGITAL WORLD The development of technology has brought different changes in our life. In a contemporary world, people are more depending on technology to do daily works. We can say it is a new brand world that brings technology as something essential and important. People are more comfortable in using the gadget […] More

  • Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

    Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing In the earlier days before the world wide web, businesses only had the traditional marketing roads to advertise their products and services rather than digital marketing. Now, with the rapid advancement in technology and the internet, there are numerous ways to market your brand or service than ever before. With […] More

  • A Guide To Marketing In Today’s Digital World

    Digital marketing is the online marketing of your services or products related using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet; moreover, it also including mobile phones, display advertising in social media and other digital mediums like Quora, Medium etc. Elements of Digital Marketing 1.    Websites and SEO content 2.    Blogs 3.    Internet banner […] More

  • Benefits of independent digital marketing services

    As we all know Digital Marketing helps us grow our business remarkably. However, if you want to use comprehensive digital marketing, then you will require to invest a significant amount. If you have the insufficient funds, then also you can take advantage of digital marketing services by using independent digital marketing services. What is an […] More

  • Impact of digital media

    Impact of Digital Media

    Digital media impact on individuals and society In the contemporary world, the greater use of digital media is changing people’s everyday lives and the way they connect and help in the broader societal circumstances, at work and in civil society. Digital media has allowed people so that they no longer are passive observers or recipients […] More

  • Understanding Digital Media

    The World of Digital Media in India A racing game on a video game or weather app on a smartphone console and an ultrasound imaging device used in a hospital are all digital media devices. They are flourishing because they are engaging, easy to use (even fun in the case of games) and deliver outcomes. […] More

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